999 Riddles and Brain Teasers: Smart Kids Challenge! (Hardcover)

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Introducing 1000 Of The FUNNEST Riddles, Brain Teasers & Trick Questions Only The Smartest Kids Will Be Able To Solve

Can you spell cold using only two letters? 'IC'

Why should you not tell a joke when you're Ice skating? 'Because the Ice might crack up.'

There is a word that has six letters, if you take one letter out of it, then it's twice the amount of six. What is it? 'Dozens'

What sport are waiters excellent at? 'Tennis, because they are great at serving '

And, that's just 4 examples, wouldn't your child LOVE another 900+ just like that?

Riddles have been creating amazing thinkers for thousands of years, while providing screen free family fun to Children of all ages.

Inside 999 Riddles & Brain Teasers: Smart Kids Challenge you will find the BEST collection of Riddles perfect for a Family game night.

Not only will it get your kids laughing & expressing themselves, but Psychologists have shown it to help with- Expanding vocabulary, critical thinking & problem solving,

With these HUGE benefits of solving Riddles with your child, why wouldn't anyone make this a part of their family time, and implement it into their Child's life

It's time to bring playing & learning together again, your Kids will love you for it

And, the added element of 'Smart Kids Challenge' will get their competitive juices flowing and get them even more involved in the riddles.

Also, Inside 999 Riddles And Brain Teasers: Smart Kids Challenge You'll Discover...

  • 1000 Head-Scratching Riddles, Brain Teasers And Trick Questions That Will Challenge The ENTIRE Family

Screen-Free Entertainment That Stimulates Your Child's Mind AND Creates Hours of Fun

Varying Levels Of Difficulty, With Only The Smartest Kids Being Able To Solve The Hardest Riddles (Or Smartest Adults )

A Wide Range of Categories To Choose From Such As- Sports, Boredom Busters, Icebreakers & Even Riddles About Your Favorite Characters

And that is BARELY scratching the surface

Our biggest pet peeve is 'Riddle' books that just recycle the same old boring Riddles we've seen before, which is why we made it our job to find the 999 Most Fun & Most Challenging riddles around

This way you'll find out who the real Smarty Pants is in your family.

WARNING: this may get your child off the addictive screens, and addicted to spending time with the family

So, If You Want The Best Way To Increase Quality Time With Your Family, While Educating Your Children And Improving Their Critical Thinking Skills...

Get This Book Today

P.S. This makes the PERFECT gift for any child, not only will it give them hours of laughter but it will help them develop their thinking abilities rapidly

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ISBN: 9781989777817
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Publisher: Humour
Publication Date: October 18th, 2020
Pages: 182
Language: English